[24 minute movie, 169 photos.]
French slut Briana tells her friend she needs to change into something more slutty. So she takes her advice and takes a shower before changing. Well Briana decides to suck and fuck the boyfriend while her best friend takes a shower. What a evil but very naughty friend she is.

[23 minute movie, 167 photos.]
Couple Ava and Cage come over for dinner at Mandy's. Mandy forgot to buy wine for dinner so Ava goes to get some and leaves her boyfriend Cage with Mandy Alone. That was a big mistake on Ava's part because Mandy is a little slut who loves to fuck her friend's boyfriends.

[21 minute movie, 197 photos.]
Now this is What you Call an Afternoon quickie! Checkout Meagan when she attempts to do to her bestfriend's boyfriend. Well when her friend steps out of the office to run a few errands Meagan doesn't waste anytime to show off her dirty slut skills. Lunch break or fuck break? Tune in For Some Hardcore sex right inside the office.

[21 minute movie, 177 photos.]
Arizona the foxy brunette jumps at the opportunity to screw her bestfriend's finacee, right before they are getting married!! This is possibly the worst time she can possibly ruin her relationship with her bestfriend forever, but do youu think she cares? Nope she doesn't thats what makes her the top of the line backstabbing slut!!

[23 minute movie, 230 photos.]
Andrea the older sister accuses her younger sister Adana of having a scumbag boyfriend after a visit to his house for computer problems. Adana tells this story to the boyfriend of Andrea's that she is a slut and she cheats on him. This younger jealous sister is a dirty fucking backstabbing whore and ready to fuck her sister's man.

[21 minute movie, 197 photos.]
Meet this tramp Megan , This backstabbing whore has a nice enough cousin that lets her stay with her husband and her at their home while she just made a move to new city . Didn't take long for her to take advantage of Anne's husband by showing off those large sweet breasts of hers and sucking him off while in bed.

[26 minute movie, 262 photos.]
An unexpected call to work leaves Bucky the boyfriend and Janessa the best friend alone together in the same house while the innocent girlfriend goes to work. Separated by hate and lust at the same time Janessa and Bucky finally have a moment alone to show their true backstabbing secret feelings for each other.

[22 minute movie, 109 photos.]
Sophia is real close friends with both the husband Cal and his wife. She wakes up one morning at the couples's home after a long sleep from her long flight from England and finds out she has a moment alone with her long lost crush from back home and doesn't waste any time to take full advantage of the situation.

[24 minute movie, 220 photos.]
This horny little french babe Sandy is alone staying at her cousin's house with her cousin's boyfriend that happens to be there. Her desires for him has always been there since they started dating years ago, now here's her chance to fuck him. I guess his girlfriend didn't know you never leave a french slut alone with your boyfriend.

[23 minute movie, 269 photos.]
Bitchy moody Candice goes to work and finds a chick sleeping on her couch after a party from the nightbefore. She leaves the house thinking her boyfriend will wake her up and kick her out of their house while she's gone to work. Well he did end up kicking the diry slut out of the house but not until he got her off.


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